Benefit Accounting offers bookkeeping prices at an accounting-level of expertise. We connect with our clients and their businesses, developing a comfortable and fun relationship that goes beyond the dry business of numbers. Only some are capable of this and we pride ourselves in knowing that we are!


Services we offer you:

  • Bookkeeping and Admin Services

  • Activity Statement Review and Lodgements

  • Single Touch Payroll (STP) and Payroll Processing

  • Software Services and Transition
    (setup, transitions, bank feeds and rules setup, training)

  • Superannuation Clearing House Lodgements

  • Registration Services
    (ABN/TFN, GST, PAYG withholding, business name, etc)

We believe in understanding your business

By getting to know your business first hand, enables us to itemise your reports allowing you to better manage your business’ patterns. We take a keen interest in your business furthermore from the accounts. We learn what systems will best suit you, what will improve efficiency and what is performing admirably.

Fast and Efficient

Not only are our rates competitive, we are also extremely efficient which means no wasted time and cost to you. We take immense pride in our work and accuracy of our results and as we are excellent at what we do, attention to detail has become second nature benefiting our speed in completing your financial affairs.


Welcome to the world of cloud-based accounts. Improve business performance and increase efficiency with the use of online and automatic tools, like bank feeds, automatic reconciliation, access anywhere anytime and more. Cloud accounting may seem like a risk, storing all your data online but with ever changing technology, you can trust the software providers have backup systems and security measures to ensure you never lose your data and the privacy of your data will remain intact.

The choices are many, the differences are few but the prices can vary across the different providers so talk to us about which one suits you and your business best and the different costs they charge. Be careful as there’s no such thing as a once-off cost anymore, it’s an ongoing monthly subscription so make sure you aren’t paying too much.

Worried you may be paying too much for your monthly subscription? We can help work out if there’s a cheaper option and if there is, we can migrate all your data across, easy done.


The Benefits of Bookkeeping


We save you money by saving time with your accounting. Imagine the billable hours your accountant accumulates from acclimatising themselves with your taxation affairs and ‘gluing’ together all the, sometimes extremely simple, bits and pieces. Let me tell you, they don’t mind presenting you with a bill of easily thousands, however it does ‘hurt’ your business’ back pocket. This is unnecessary.

You will save money simply by having a bookkeeper taking care of your financial affairs throughout the year and submitting to your accountant a simple and straight-forward ‘snap shot’ at the end of the financial year.

We also integrate with your accountant during this time, taking the pressure off yourself so you only need to be concerned with the final result and not all the particulars in between.


Work on your business, not in it!

Put your feet up and relax or work ON your business, while we take care of the boring stuff! You don't have the time to be worrying about your books and if you do take the time, you shouldn't.

The time it would take for to handle your own financial affairs, does save you money in bookkeeping fees, however it has its detriments in other areas. It may only take you a few hours to a day or so to complete your books for the month or the like, however think of the new customers you could have picked up within that time. How about this scenario:

Conversation between two Tradesmen. “I’m not wasting my money on that, it doesn’t take me that long to put my receipts together. That’s what I’ve got an accountant for,” said by the conservative tradie.“Each to their own but I went out and picked up three new customers the other day after I left my docs with my bookkeeper. She does everything that needs to be done, I know it’s been done right and the bill is only small for such a large result. I picked up three new customers buddy, that just paid for itself,” the business-minded tradie said.

Your business is your business so stick to what you do best and let us do what we do best to free up your time and your mind. Your business’ financials will thank you for it.